Create Leads, Convert Sales with Smart and Meaningful Marketing Content

On the journey of running a business, you need a way to move from a standstill to a destination that represents success in terms of selling your products or services. In most cases the mode of transport (let’s call it a car) is your marketing – your website, social media, email marketing campaigns, branding and more. As anyone who has taken a road trip will know, a car is only equaled in importance by one element – the stuff that makes the car move. Petrol (or for the Americans in the room, gasoline). So what is the marketing fuel in question? It’s called content.

No one will doubt the power of a dynamic, search engine optimised (SEO) website and its importance in achieving your business’s goals. But what is a website without content? It is a blank computer screen. Similarly, your business needs to be spreading its brand message on social media, but without content your Facebook Page, Instagram feed and Twitter handle will all be empty. Indeed, even if a business were only interested in SEO, what is it that Google's web crawlers use to discern whether your website is relevant to a particular search term? It is content, something without which an effective SEO campaign is impossible. Ultimately, marketing without content is inert and immobile – when content is added to the mix, it has the potential to be turbo-charged.

Does your business thirst for the marketing fuel to take it to the next level?

Your marketing is only as good as the fuel you pour into it.

It isn’t just content after which your marketing thirsts, it’s smart and meaningful content. You want to ensure that the content on your website not only communicates to your reader what makes your business unique, special and worthwhile in rich and easy to understand language and images, you want it to convert these leads into sales. You want your email marketing campaigns to hook into your recipients’ imaginations and deliver to them the why and how your products and/or services are absolutely essential. You want your social media posts to be explosions of meaning that enthrall, entertain and engage your target audience. As such any old content won’t do – only smart and meaningful content will mobilise your business to success. 

We at Epicure Digital Marketing also create and drive winning content marketing strategies and campaigns. At the core of all the work we do across social media, email marketing, websites and more is our belief that a business’s best marketing asset is its story – it is through the telling of this story that we captivate, capture and convert your target audience into sales. Our content-intensive marketing approach sees us treat clients like a magazine – we write a range of journalism-style blogs that explore and illuminate the appropriate sales and content message. The blog’s rich content is subsequently disseminated on social media directly to the client’s target audience and to influencers, through which we lovingly nudge people down the sales funnel. The content strategy is then used as a marketing calendar that not only organises blogs and social media marketing, but also plans email marketing campaigns, promotions and a range of other online and offline marketing campaigns. 

Are you happy with your existing marketing strategy?

Are fueling your marketing with the right smart and meaningful content?

If the answer is no to either, we recommend you...


Strategically built to convert visitors into customers.


Social Media Marketing

Spread your brand message throughout fertile consumer markets - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more!

Blog Writing

Generate leads and acquire new clients by telling your business's story.


Design and branding

Images, words and signs strategically aligned to convey precisely who you are and why consumers should care.


Email Marketing

Transmit your brand's compelling message directly to your target audience.


restaurant Photography

Your restaurant's story... photographed (or filmed!).