Epicure Digital Marketing’s Experience

We at Epicure Digital Marketing have been invigorating and guiding conversion-driven marketing campaigns since 2011. We specialise in online marketing – always with an emphasis on lead-converting and business-generating content – and work in a range of sectors, notably restaurants, hotels, food, wine, medicine, finance and law.

Epicure’s Beginning

We opened our ‘doors’ for business with a trio of central London restaurants that needed to increase sales… fast. It was truly a sink or swim moment and we rose to the occasion by bringing the restaurant group to break-even and then to profit through a combination of restaurant acumen and conversion-driven content marketing. This initial success not only led to the formation of a marketing road map for success, it also gave way to more clients. Epicure Digital Marketing has represented over 30 UK restaurants since its inception. 

Expanding Epicure’s Horizons

In 2014 we began accepting non-restaurant clients in the hospitality sector. This included hotels, FMCG, chefs and food technology. We offered these new sectors a nuanced version of our content marketing strategy that worked so well with our restaurant clients – smart and meaningful content marketing whose expressed objective is to generate leads and convert them into business. 

Epicure Medical Marketing

In 2016 we took a chance to go beyond the hospitality sector when an utterly massive ‘fish’ in the world of rehabilitative medicine approached Epicure Digital Marketing for content marketing work. Since then, we have created a range of medical websites for individual doctors, hospitals and medical organisations. We have also managed a range of content marketing campaigns that have expanded our medical clients’ online presence to help drive patients to their medical practices. 

Epicure Digital Marketing Today

While we still have solid footing within the restaurant and hospitality sector – not to mention the enthusiasm and expertise to excel in it – Epicure Digital Marketing now caters to a wide-ranging and diverse audience. At the time of drafting this, our clients come from a range of sectors, including finance, photography, hotels, fitness, medicine, law and – of course – restaurants. We are keen to develop new clients from within these sectors, but are excited by the prospect of applying our winning content marketing solutions to new ones. You see, all sectors need sterling, invigorating content that will fuel their marketing. If your business is missing this key ingredient, why don’t you give us a shout?