Why Does Epicure Digital Marketing Specialise in Restaurants?

...and not gardening equipment, for instance? We love dining out, cooking, eating and drinking. A pre-requisite to working at Epicure Digital Marketing is an appreciation of the tastier things in life. We are epicures, and out of devotion to this way of life we have created the company that brings restaurants to life though dynamic marketing.

Our Creation and Formation

In 2011 Epicure Digital Marketing began working with London restaurants. We believed that the best way to improve revenue was to target and engage online consumers, and subsequently to convert them into business through a strategic sales and content message. Today, after developing and perfecting our strategy, through the extensive work we’ve done for our clients, we are able to offer the full breadth of our innovation to London restaurants, hotels, pubs and all kinds of hospitality ventures through our dynamic marketing packages.

A Wide-Ranging Skill-Set and Unique Perspective

Our approach to marketing is grounded in our own academic and professional backgrounds, chief of which are journalism, linguistic theory, and working in several facets of the restaurant industry. These three items inform virtually every element Epicure Digital Marketing’s strategy.

Our work in journalism, from glossy food magazines and national newspapers to BBC documentaries and films, has given us the experience to produce enthralling content that will engage consumers, bloggers, and journalists.

Epicure Digital Marketing’s specialism in linguistic theory has helped us construct a methodology which we use to create copy and designs that accurately convey our clients’ branding and marketing message to their audience.

Rich and Varied Hospitality Experience

Our collective experiences include having worked in a range of jobs in the restaurant/hospitality sector – roles as chefs, front-of-house service and management, event management, and fine wine sales. The result is that our ambitious marketing strategies are never removed from the realities of the restaurant industry and its challenges.

At Epicure Digital Marketing, we take great pride in our hands-on approach to marketing. We never wait around for our clients to give us content.  Instead, we get it ourselves from you and your staff and chefs. We get to know our restaurants well and work directly with our clients’ teams to brainstorm and create menus, blogs and more. Our work is meticulous and thorough, and we take responsibility for each job we undertake, ensuring it is perfect, professional and representative of your brand.