Traditional Easter Food From Around The World

Capirotada, Kulich or maybe Påskeøl?

From Russia all the way to Mexico, each nation has its own traditional Easter specialties enjoyed every year on Easter Sunday or during Lent. Why not try something different this year and expand your food horizons?

Pashka, Russia

Its name is derived from the Russian word for “Easter” and it contains ingredients that are forbidden during the Great Lent. Tvorog (quark), butter, heavy cream, eggs and nuts are perfectly mixed together to create this pyramid shaped dessert that represent the tomb of Christ. It is usually decorated with religious symbols and specifically the letters X and B (Христосъ Воскресe) meaning “Christ is Risen!”

Capirotada, Mexico

Capirotada is a type of bread pudding served on Good Friday, but can also be eaten during Lent. It is made with toasted bolillo (similar to a French baguette) soaked in syrup, cloves, nuts and fruits. Cheese or milk can also be added to the recipe as well as meat. This dish is extremely symbolic in the Mexican culture – the bread signifies the body of Christ, the syrup His blood and the cloves the nails of the cross.

Kulich, Georgia

Kulich is a type of bread cooked during Easter in several Christian Orthodox Eastern European countries like Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. Before the Easter Service, people put kulich in baskets and take them to the priest for blessing. Blessed kulich is served for breakfast after the Service and any leftovers can be consumed as dessert after the Easter lunch. Kulich is baked in tall tins and is usually decorated with icing and flowers.

Mämmi, Finland

Mämmi is a traditional Finnish Easter dessert made with water, rye flour, and powdered malted rye. Its taste is aromatic and sweet and is usually eaten cold with cream, milk or sugar – not to mention that it’s rich in trace elements and low in sugar (just 2%). It takes days to prepare this delicious dessert, as it needs to be chilled for 2-3 days before serving.

Påskeøl, Dennmark

An original Easter concept by the Danish, Påskeøl is a type of beer drunk during Easter. It is slightly stronger than regular beer and is the perfect accompaniment to an Easter food feast!

Whether you decide to experiment with one of the above dishes or just stick to hot cross buns, we are wishing you a very Happy Easter full of love and happiness!