Your 'Wow Factor' Delivered Digitally    

Epicure Digital Marketing offers bespoke email marketing design and content to help you deliver a compelling brand message and special promotions directly to your customer database for instant results.

Epicure Digital Marketing offers clients

Bespoke Email Marketing

Campaigns with the right text-to-image ratio to ensure optimised deliverability.

Artwork-File Emails

For campaigns that require maximum visual attractiveness, we can create an artwork/image file made to your email marketing platform's size specifications.

Email Templates

Epicure Digital Marketing can create for you a bespoke email marketing template that your restaurant can use again and again for multiple campaigns.


When prospective customers join your restaurant’s database on your website, it is crucial that you send them an offer or ‘hook’ to turn them into instant business. Let Epicure Digital Marketing create the email that will be sent to new email sign-ups automatically to create a constant and steady flow of new business.


As a marketing technique, email marketing is a veritable dinosaur compared to the opportunities afforded by social media. And yet, even today it remains arguably the best way to speak directly to your customers and to deliver quick and measurable results in terms of covers and sales.

Email marketing provides restaurants with a fantastic opportunity, and Epicure Digital Marketing are experts in exploiting this opportunity. We will take care of every aspect – from brainstorming the campaign’s content, to copywriting, to design.

Despite being such a potential ‘quick win’, creating a successful email marketing campaign is by no means an easy or straightforward process. In inexpert hands your email risks getting buried in your prospective customer’s inbox and ultimately becoming overlooked, ignored, and unread. Opportunity wasted!

To ensure the greatest chance of a positive result, your email must captivate your audience by exuding open me, read me and click me! Epicure will use their extensive experience to craft every aspect of your email marketing campaign, from header to footer, in order to get your fabulous offer and content directly in front of your readers and turn them into bums on seats.