The Nuts and Bolts of Restaurant Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Architecture

After distilling the essence of what makes your brand unique, Epicure Digital Marketing will assess the relevant traffic on Google that best fits the description of your business based on current volumes of searches on the web. Once this is completed, we will draft the full range of your website’s SEO architecture, including title tags, key word tags, meta-data, H1s, H2s and other vital components of your site’s structure.

SEO Content

Epicure Digital Marketing can take care of all your copywriting requirements, all the while bearing in mind the constraints of the proposed SEO strategy. Your copy works as a part of your SEO architecture in conjunction with your site’s structure so Google search crawlers can find your website. However from a visitor perspective your copy must also be thoroughly engaging to grab the attention of your reader.

Dynamic Content

Besides fueling your social media campaigns with enthralling content, the purpose of a website’s blog is to give it dynamic content. This is something in which Google sees great value. Google’s search crawlers work like a human reader, meaning the more content it can find on your website that is unique and interesting, the more highly it will value your website and brand, which will in turn improve your ranking on key results pages for search terms appropriate to your business.


Directories are signposts on the internet that show search engines that you exist and are a real business. The more links that you have from established, well-recognised and professional directories, the higher your website will appear on search results.


Google Advertising (Pay Per Click)

An SEO campaign will make your website a force on Google, but this will not happen immediately. It is a process that can take anywhere from 3-12 months – but once it takes hold, the results will be impressive.

Google Advertising – on the other hand – delivers immediate results. If you have the budget, you will rank for a wide range of search terms immediately, and your website and restaurant will profit from the benefits. Furthermore, a robust Google Ads campaign will catalyse your SEO campaign (and vice-versa) and help to drive a host of organic Google visits as well as Ads visits. For this reason, Epicure Digital Marketing strongly recommends allocating a Google Ads budget.


If Google Ads are So Fast & Effective, Why SEO? 

If you have limitless funds for Google Ads this question may be worth asking. However, unless you have a minimum of a few thousand Pounds Sterling to invest into Google Ads monthly, to achieve the required Google presence to draw adequately from the limitless pool of customers, an SEO campaign will be necessary.

While a Google Ads campaign easily generates return on investment, your website needs upwards of 5K visits a month to even consider generating a high level of business online. Given that a Google Ads campaign will cost you anywhere from £0.50 to £2.00 per click, imagine how much you would have to spend!

Therefore, a sensible and effective usage of Google Ads is to stimulate an immediate Google presence – and return on investment – by allocating a minimum of a few hundred Pounds Sterling to a campaign. This will give you an element of instant business, help rev up your SEO campaign and let your website rub shoulders with the restaurant websites at the top of Google almost immediately.