Meet Your New Customers, Online

Social Media marketing presents your restaurant with the opportunity to tap into what is arguably the most significant and vibrant online dining market place. In London virtually everyone with a wallet has an active profile on any one – or several – of the major social media sites, and it is through these profiles that diners zealously pursue a range of consumer interests, including and especially food, drink, and dining out.

This not only means that social media is a fertile forum in which your restaurant can disseminate its message to an enthusiastic and interested audience – it also means that Londoners actually engage with social media to find and receive news, offers, recipes and more from restaurants like yours.

What does this mean in terms of weekly covers and pounds and pence for your restaurant? That there is a practically limitless pool of potential customers who are willing to give your menu a go, so long as you reach out to them and engage them on social media.

Social Media, PR’s Next Generation

Social media marketing is a valuable PR resource as it allows you to communicate your brand message to influencers in the form of journalists and bloggers. While it is no doubt a tremendously effective and worthwhile venture to connect and engage with as many consumers as possible on social media, there are a host of blogs and influential personalities that already enjoy a large and enthusiastic reader- and fan-base. Therefore, while connecting with a lone consumer is wonderful as s/he may just book a table at your restaurant, imagine connecting with a blogger who enjoys a few thousand monthly readers on her/his social media accounts and website, all of whom are keen to find out where to eat next?  

But really, why would a blogger want to follow your restaurant? Without the right content they wouldn’t, that is once they have managed to get that free meal out of you! With the right content, bloggers will not only want to hear from you, they will need you. Bloggers and journalists live on content – without it, their readers will lose interest and move onto another news source. If your restaurant can provide bloggers with ideas, information and inspiration for their own editorial, you can be assured of their interest and engagement.

Feed Your Campaign – Content Marketing

Locating your target audience of consumers and bloggers is but a portion of what it takes to achieve a successful social media marketing campaign – the missing ingredient is enthralling and dynamic content.

To have any hope of grabbing their interest you will need to offer them a range of multi-media to educate and entertain them – blogs, recipes, videos, photography and more.

Epicure Digital Marketing not only looks after all facets of clients’ social media marketing, but we draft the unique and enthralling content required to ensure that your restaurant is pursued as a trusted and captivating source of news and information about the items in which you specialise.

Like any good journalist, we do not gather information from behind a desk but the eye of the storm – your restaurant, its kitchen, from your chefs and even from you, the client. Suffice to say, if there is a thrilling story that either directly or indirectly relates to your restaurant, and it is feasible to cover, we are on it and it will be plastered across social media through a range of media!