Dynamic Website Marketing

An Epicure Digital Marketing website gives your restaurant the opportunity actively to locate new potential customers and convert them into loyal business. We believe that your website is your restaurant’s virtual location. It can do everything your actual, literal location does - allowing visitors to view a menu, get a feel for what kind of restaurant you are, inquire about special offers and events, and make a restaurant booking. Yet, unlike your physical restaurant, your website can be found by everyone, regardless of their location, so long as they have internet access. Not only can a restaurant website, when supported by the right online marketing, move fluidly throughout the internet to attract potential customers, if it is properly designed then it can become the principle item that turns visitors into customers.

Convey the Essence of your Brand – Virtually

As your restaurant’s virtual location, your website must precisely represent your restaurant’s identity and brand image. Visiting your website must convey to your reader the same sensations and emotions that they experience by looking into your restaurant whilst standing outside, or by stepping into your foyer. Reading your copy should be as evocative as speaking to your chef and as informative as speaking to your front of house supervisor.

Converting your Traffic into Customers

Epicure Digital Marketing manipulates online reader patterns to give your website the effective layout to guide your reader actively to convert into business. This can be making a booking, joining your loyalty programme, viewing your menu, contacting the restaurant, or some other meaningful action. Our websites are not made as depositories of boring information about your restaurant, but rather as an engaging online portal that communicates your brand’s values and why people should visit your restaurant.